Go Mrs. Waters, It’s Your Birthday!

Okay, so I will be the first to admit—I LOVE birthdays! I will also be the first to admit…I also love my own birthday. I have slowly trained introduced my husband to the joy of the celebration of birthdays, so it should be no surprise that I am gearing up for a blog-worthy birthday celebration as well! Because I am so fortunate to be alive on this earth for yet another day of birth celebration, I wanted to share the wealth with you all! Behold, my 28th birthday sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store! This also doubles as a back-to-school blues sale, so it’s all in all a great situation 🙂

I highly recommend you check out my most favorite item in my store, and also my best-seller. This little product has been an absolute life-saver in my guided reading groups. Check it out!

Happy birthday to me!

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