The Blog Formerly Known As The Watering Hole: A Reveal With Erin Waters

WELCOME to my newly re-modeled space! I am so excited you are here! Same blog, same author, just a new look, feel, & name!

(Special shout-out to my sister, Carly, for the ridiculously awesome logos & web design graphics!)

Why the Change?

Most of you know my blog as The Watering Hole—while this was cute and catchy, it didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of who I am as a teacher. I outgrew it. Sorry, TWH—it’s not you. It’s me.

What’s In a Name?

I chose Beyond the Beanstalk because it encompasses a few of my favorite things: the growth mindset, a fun tale, and a little bit of whimsy & magic.

Let’s Talk GROWTH!

Above all, I believe in the power of positive thinking and its impact on our success. When I think of my students, I think of them as little Jacks, planting their magical beans in August and climbing further and further up the first grade stalk as their little minds expand beyond what they thought possible come May! 

I truly believe that students are in control of their success. If students believe, they can accomplish anything they put their little minds to. It is my mission to develop this mindset and instill in my students a love of learning and a resilience that will catapult them beyond the farthest reaches of their expectations—beyond the beanstalk, if you will!

It takes perseverance, bravery, and a fierce confidence to foster this growth in our classroom. Together, we push ourselves up the beanstalk and beyond what we thought possible…and you know what? The results are purely magical.

About Me: Erin Waters 2.0

Teaching & creating for teachers was my life before my family came along.  My first priority now is my sweet Theodore and my ever-supportive husband, although, my teaching and creating career still remains one of my biggest passions. My favorite hobby these days is juggling it ALL. My heart feels so big it could burst sometimes, as I had no idea I could love so many people and so many jobs at one time!
I am happiest when I am busy! I love going to work every day to spend time with my school “kids” and I love coming home to my real kid even more! I think it’s safe to say I live a wonderful life.
Aside from my family and career, there is nothing I love more than connecting with other teachers & teacherpreneurs!  Also—coffee, Target, tacos, & Amazon Prime—and not necessarily in that order. On that note, feel free to drop me a present via Amazon line if you’d like to connect!

Speaking of favorites, I am hosting a SUPER special giveaway to celebrate my new blog! ONE lucky winner will earn a $25 Target gift card, a $25 Amazon gift card, AND a $25 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card!

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Thank you for visiting my little blog. I hope you come back again and we can be friends J



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